Fort Lauderdale, Bahia Mar

Fort Lauderdale,Bahia Mar

Fort Lauderdale, Bahia Mar in June 2014, the proposed 400 million investment project for the Bahia Mar, surfaced the news and instantly grabbed the attention of the public especially in the Florida real estate sector.  Fort Lauderdale is proposing a major renovation, which includes two of the supposed tallest tower in the barrier island of the city.  These 39-story structures are said to be the most prominent part of the project established by the developers that are leasing the site.    But the plan is not simply, constricted to the twin towers, they are also looking to incorporate grocery store, high-end restaurant, hotel renovation, fishing village and an exhibition center that measures at an estimated 200,000 sq.ft that is believed to increase the potential of investing in South Florida.


But the proposal still needs to be approved by the city in order for it to manifest.  Fortunately last December, the Bahia Mar project was able to clear its first obstacle.  A total of 6-2 votes by the Planning and Zoning department of the city were reached in favor of the proposal that is believed to surge the Ft Lauderdale real estate industry.


The people were initially concerned about the height of the structure but nonetheless the capital that it may bring to Fort Lauderdale is insurmountable in the perspective of the economist.  The developers are thinking about incorporating a seaside grocery store as well as opening the sky bridge that connects different properties to the beach, which will make it more accessible for individuals to move from one establishment to another.


Residents around the area are ecstatic about the development, stating that they can no longer wait for the project to manifest.  They said that this thing is one of the best things that happened in their area of residency.  The developers are also taking into account the increase in traffic into the Florida real estate area.  They are also discouraging any inappropriate and unsustainable development.


The arranging board’s proposal is now on the City Commission, which conceded activity on another lease for the designer so it would be able to receive expert counsel on whether the arrangement bodes well for the Florida investment.


Some of the rivals were most worried around the issues concerning one of the buildings that run from the northern part to the southern edge, which will on certain occasion cast a notable shadow on the shoreline. Robert Lochrie, a lawyer, speaking in behalf of the engineers, said that the apartment suites were expected to make the task feasible for his customers. Alongside all the site upgrades that will be constructed for the Bahia Mar project, the engineer additionally is making considerable changes for the popular boat show.


The new rent and arranged development are subject to the designers, who purchased the rights to the site’s present lease term last 2014, marking a 30-year terms in contract on the boat show to prevent it from abandoning Ft. Lauderdale and looking for another area.