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Adache Real Estate, LLC is pleased to announce the affiliation of Tania J. Gelabert (TJ)   with the acclaimed Ocean Area Living Team. TJ brings over 13 years of successful experience in both commercial and residential real estate in South Florida. TJ’s experience in all aspects of the buying and selling process makes her especially valuable to clients-­‐-­‐especially when it comes to funding commercial transactions, or simply arranging the best financing-­‐package on the market for her residential buyers.

What makes her so special? She guides her clients through every step in the process from Market research, current market values, estimated Return on Investment and projected resale values. TJ pays close attention to detail for all her Clients, from contract to closing. One client recently stated: “From day one, you listened to our family goals, necessities and dreams and worked so hard to find the perfect place for us; and you were very patient with us throughout the entire process.  Thanks TJ.”

TJ has enjoyed great  success  working  with  Commercial  developers  of  multi-­‐family  units, apartment buildings and condo conversions.   She was a Key member of corporate-­‐operations for Sun  Vest  Communities,  where  she  successfully  closed  1100+  units  state-­‐wide,  generating over $400M in revenue. TJ was also responsible for closing over 174 leases that generated almost $6M  in  revenue  in  preparation  for  condo-­‐conversion  of  Crescent  Heights  Multi-­‐family Luxury Project Development at Tao Sawgrass [Sunrise Towers].

TJ’s is extremely passionate about what she does. Her knowledge, ethics and transparency are paramount to her success in delivering the  right-­‐advice  at  the  right-­‐time,  to  residential  or commercial clients.  Her philosophy is simple: “Sincerity, honesty and Transparency are the keys to building long lasting business relationships.”

TJ absolutely loves what she does for a living—and it shows! Call her at 954.478.8722.

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